Before we start our company and business ,we have carefully thought about some important issues:

what is our goal to establish a company and as a business man ?
What is our advantage to face such strong competition ?
What business model we should make to establish the long term cooperation with our partner ?
What is our action principle and what we should supply to customer ?



Part One : Our Service principle

Nowadays economy is global based environment .The trading make the different economy join together .We are glad to involve in the globalbiz .So we must be aware of the global competition and service spirite .

We do our business based on the most advanced American markting theory 4P.4C.4R.


4P: Product   Price   Place   Promotio

to supply you the right product to your need at reaonable price through right place (channel ) by righ method like promotion

4C theory:Customer  Cost  Convenience   Communication

Customer oriented 4C theory guide us to always consider customer' s satisfaction primacy and foremost

Customer's need : We never just stress what we have what we sell but pay more attention to What product do you actully need

Cost : We don't always make the price at our side but put consider What cost do you plan to pay for our product to meet your demand .

Convenience :We should not our stategy and selling channel firstly but think more how to make the best transaction procedure for your convenience .

Communiction : in the global busines ,communication pay the very important role .We must adjust our working time to avoid the time difference of different country and learn different language and respect other culture .

4R: Relevance   Reaction    Relationship    Reward
Relevance: We must establish the close relevance in business and demand with our customer

Reaction: Improve the market reaction speed
Relationship:Attend importance to customer's long term Relationship

Reward :Reward customer is our continual resource


Part Two : Our Technology Service


For the equipement business ,the after-sales-service is a basic for us          

Our Service :Our after sales service is a professional technicians formed to take care of you equipment and your business. Supply Responsive,professional ,supportive , value-added service.

Our service programs including : observation before purchase ,problem consultant operator training,on-site installation,online support,Troubleshooting hotline,exhibition support,Spare part supply,repair,and preventative maintenance when and where our customers need them.We are ready with answers that will make you business more productive and successful.