Printer maintance


Starting points for attention
1.When power on, keep the the control software open (same when power standby).
2.Start the software, open Main menu and check the head parameters interface (if it is black and white means abnormal, if it is color interface, it means available to operate).
3.Before printing, make sure the printhead is clean, setting the right size and printing place of the image on material, keep proper blank space.

Machine running points for attention
1.When feed up the material, keep it smooth, do not place the edge of the material in the pinch rollers. When print very large picture, you must keep the suction fan and cooling fan open.
2.Turn on the auto feeding button before printing (please note if the material is moving straightly or not, and make sure the feed and take up roller move automatically and smoothly ).
3.When the material get stuck during printing, you must turn off the power immediately (try to use less or never use the two red emergency buttons as possible ).
4.When the Striated or break lines appear during printing, you must pause and clean the printhead. When adjusting, please do not click the pause or stop button in the software, it must be done in the printer control software.

Printer daily operation notice
1.Do not put any object or liquid upon the printer head or tail section, prevent spilling liquid into the printer main-board or motors. 
2.Check the printer power supply, computer power, and make sure the cables between them is connect well.
3.Check if there is sundries block the machine bed rail and clean in time.
4.Check if there is object that is easy to fall down and fragile, prevent them hit and damage the printhead, main-board or computer.
5.Check the printhead and clean it when necessary, remember not to keep the head dry for long time, if the machine stop printing for more than 2 days, you must wipe the printhead to keep it moist.
6.Smoking is strictly prohibited in printer working area, pay attention to the sanitation, workers must clean up the objects frequently.

Attentions after finishing work
1.Keep printer carriage to the original station.
2.Turn off the power and keep the printhead on the nonwoven cloth with some cleaning flush in plate to keep printhead moist.
3.Check if all the windows and doors closed well, and make sure the main power supply turn-off.